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Dr. R Glen Calderhead
Principal of L’ACADÉMIE


L’ACADÉMIE is a research, education and training facility integral to the Lutronic World Center in South Korea. To instill confidence in our company and our systems, we offer education in the fundamentals of light, lasers and energy-based medicine, coupled with hands-on and in-service training to keep our clinicians and business partners around the world on top of all our latest systems, techniques and treatment solutions. Furthermore, regular orientation and continuing education programs ensure and maintain the high standards of our employees. Our instructors comprise our in-house experts, augmented by a faculty of international preeminent clinicians, all leaders in their fields.


1. To expand existing laser and energy-based medical applications, explore new systems and indications, and deliver clinical solutions
2. To promote intelligent care for the patients by advancing the application of lasers and energy - based medicine worldwide
3. To organize educational programs and develop an integrated online platform for customers who are using Lutronic products to share clinical knowledge and practical know-how for users, present or prospective.


- Offers education on the fundamentals of light, lasers and energy-based medicine, comprising the basics of laser and energy-based medicine technology; the precepts of laser safety; followed by practical indications including, but not limited to, removal of Pigmented and Vascular Lesions and Tattoos, Scar Revision, Skin Rejuvenation, Hair Removal, and Hair Regrowth / Baldness Prevention.
- Presents an overview of Lutronic products together with the latest clinical updates.
- Provides hands-on and in-service training on our systems, techniques and treatment solutions.
- Highlights special lectures from our visiting faculty members to enhance sharing of their know-how.
- Establishs a preceptorship program at our faculty sites to provide opportunities for learning a variety of techniques, and to observe expert's treatment strategies in actual clinical practice.
- Gives the Company Tour, showcasing the pathology lab, manufacturing facility, and and more.

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